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Media training

Reputation and brand are more important now than ever before. And what people read, hear or see in the media shape their perceptions in a way that is far more powerful than advertising and marketing.

Joanne Hart can improve the way you and your colleagues communicate with the media. Since 2002, she has successfully coached FTSE 100 executives, international bank directors, senior civil servants and many leading PR firms.

Joanne uses her first-hand experience of print and broadcast media to help companies and individuals understand how journalists work and what makes them tick. Using a combination of theory and practice, Joanne helps delegates to prepare more effectively for media interviews and deliver their messages in a compelling way.

Adopting a bespoke approach to training, Joanne works extensively with clients so she can craft sessions to their precise needs. These can vary from 90-minute fast-track meetings with one individual to full-day sessions with groups of up to eight delegates.

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